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OMCF reinventa la propria comunicazione con Sitointerattivo

The partnership between OMCF and Sitointerattivo was born on Wednesday, March 10.

OMCF has been involved in mechanical machining, assembly and services for over 30 years and operates in the steel, press, molding, energy, chemical & petrochemical and food sectors.

Marco Chiodi, head of administration and design, and his brother Francesco Chiodi, head of the production department, together expressed great satisfaction: “the goal is to reach more foreign markets, where we are already present, and the first step will be to renew all our communication and corporate image, so we turned to Sitointerattivo, which is our strategic partner”.

The Governing Board will promote services through digital tools, including through the search for finance for the internationalization of companies.

The partner and technical director, Lorenzo Manchi, said: “For this precious company we want to quickly achieve concrete results; Italian products are appreciated all over the world in the field of mechanics, OMCF, has very advanced machinery and our synergy with them, through the press office, the construction of a new coordinated image and the efficient strategies of storytelling and digital marketing we will do it soon.”